Teacher Wish List

Some of our teachers have requests for items that will make the classroom experience better for both them and our students. If you would like to help out one of these teachers, please contact Gillian Kruse in the Advancement office at gkruse@pj23.org or (281) 693-1000 x124.

Math and Science Departments
3-4 carts (color – surprise us!)
Used for moving science equipment such as microscopes from room to room or from store room to classroom. Carts are $99.99 each

Subscription to www.explorelearning.com  ("Gizmos")
Gizmos are virtual lab simulations that allow students to apply principals learned in class to everyday scenarios.  The research link on the website gives quite a bit of information about the impact these labs can have on the classroom.  One year of a subscription for both math and science is $3000, but it impacts every student here at the school!  There is a discount for a multiyear contract as well.

Science Labs/Biology
Mrs. Osterman
- 10.5x - 45x zoom stereo binocular microscope for use in the biology labs;
   K4245 ID 3086445 (12)
   Now $399.99. Marked down from $800


The SmartScope 5M digital microscope allows students to explore the microscopic world all around us. 

  • 10x to 200x magnification
  • High resolution for great images
  • Take Still Images, Videos, or Time-Lapse Videos
  • Change Focus and Magnification with a single dial
  • Change Light Level with a single dial

The SmartScope 5M is compatible with both the PC and MAC. The easiest way to use with a MAC is to open Photobooth and then plug in the SmartScope. The live image from the SmartScope is displayed and you can take pictures and videos.

Volleyball (Coach Wilson)
-Volleyball Sports Tutor - Battery Model


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