The House System

Student Studying in the Library

On May 13, 2011, Pope John XXIII instituted a house system for the student body.  Common among European and East Coast schools, the house system at Pope John XXIII is the first of its kind at any Catholic high school in Texas.  The house system promotes school spirit, fellowship, spirituality, and academic achievement.  

Each House is awarded points throughout the year.  At the end of each year, a single house is awarded the Roncalli Cup in honor of our patron, Blessed John XXIII.
The five houses of Pope John XXIII High School are Aquinas House, Borromeo House, Lisieux House, Loreto House, and Neri House.

The House System follows Pope John’s unique charism, the Four Pillars:
I. EXCELLENCE – Discern what needs to be done and do it with your whole might and wit and skill. Seek to know God’s special calling for your life and to employ the gifts He has bestowed for the benefit of others.
II. OBEDIENCE – We are all called to obedience; it is the nature of the human order. It is also the price of admission into our community. Respect for faculty and staff, and adherence to school policies should be undertaken cheerfully.
III. PEACE – In as much as it depends on you, be at peace with all people. Build relationships founded on love and high aspiration, not envy or bitterness. Be quick to hear, slow to anger.
IV. RENEWAL – Truth must be rediscovered and uttered anew in every generation. Dedicate yourself to this quest. Search for truth, act on it, and, by your life, teach it to a darkened world. Begin where you are, in family, neighborhood, and school.

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