To fulfill our school’s mission of preparing the hearts and minds of our students, we offer several opportunities throughout each school year to reflect on and promote the development of our spiritual lives.  As Pope John XXIII so eloquently states, “My Soul is open before you like a blank sheet of paper.  Write on it what you will, O Lord:  I am Yours.”

Days of Reflection and Retreats   will be offered to each of our grade levels as follows:
Freshmen students will participate in a mandatory off-campus day retreat that focuses on recognizing how Christ calls each of us to live a virtuous life.  Sophomore students will participate in a mandatory off-campus day retreat that will help students recognize the importance of living in today's world without being "of the world".
Our Junior  class will participate in a one day mandatory off-campus Day of Reflection that focuses on Faith Leadership. Our Senior class will also have a mandatory off-campus Day of Reflection to prepare them for the next step on their faith journeys - the journey into college!

In addition, our juniors and seniors will be given the opportunity to participate in a voluntary Kairos Retreat.   The Kairos Retreat is a four day, three night retreat led by a team composed of senior students and staff members. Major talks are followed by discussions in small groups. There are other particular activities to promote and build community, to foster trust and openness, and to encourage reflection. The Kairos Retreat will be offered once in the fall and once in the spring.  Students must write an essay and apply through Campus Ministry to attend.

Service Retreats - Students will also be given the opportunity to attend a voluntary weekend Service Retreat that will incorporate catechesis focusing on Catholic Social Teaching and visits to local charity organizations.  
Extracurricular Activities - To further enhance the faith experiences of our students, extracurricular activities involve participation in our Ladies of Virtue group, our Men of the Beatitudes group, and our Life Savers (Pro-Life) group  Finally, as we strive to introduce our students to opportunities of worship and prayerful surrender to the will of our Lord, we will participate in a variety of archdiocesan events, Lifeteen events, and ADORE Ministry evenings of praise & worship.
We believe faith formation and development is an ongoing process and will continue to offer opportunities for spiritual growth throughout the summer months.  We will be participating in events such as the Archdiocesan Youth Conference that gathers over 2000 youth & challenges them to live out their faith, a weeklong archdiocesan retreat called Catholic Summer Immersion focused on Catholic Social Teaching & community service, and Steubenville conferences.  Students will hear exciting and informative presentations from outstanding national speakers and musicians, and make many new friendships - all while growing in their faith.   
How can parents be involved?  As always, we could not conduct such meaningful prayer experiences for our students without the support and help of our parent volunteers.  We will need parents to pray for us, to chaperone, to drive, prepare meals, donate snack items, decorate, and to help with other duties that make each retreat and day of reflection special for our students.  In order to fund all of the activities of our Campus Ministry department, we need to hold fundraisers throughout the year.  Parent support & commitment is critical in helping us to put these fundraisers together.  Please contact Campus Ministry for additional information on the specific ways you could help!

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